By - Jim Berry

How to get the Southwest Companion Pass

Learn how to take advantage of all the bonus points opportunities with Southwest to easily score its legendary Companion Pass… even on a modest budget.

By - Jim Berry

Best credit cards for Airbnb

Credit card issuers reward homestays with points and cash back in the same way they’ve long doled out rewards for hotels and other travel expenses. These are the best cards on the market for homestays like Airbnb.

By - Jim Berry

How to Use Your Wanderlust to Build Credit

Love to travel? Good news: There are ways to put that wanderlust to use with a travel rewards credit card. Though travel rewards cards aren’t the easiest to get approved for as they require an excellent or good credit score, those who are able to snag one can use it to build better credit. (Just remember, before you apply it’s… Read More

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