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Hide Spare Key On Car

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Mar 01, 2014  · Best Way to Hide a Spare Key This is a little technique I have used for many years and have a 100% success rate of NEVER losing my spare key to my car.

Leaving car keys unattended in bags and lockers should be avoided and keys should not be tagged with a name or address. Motorists are also advised to never leave a spare set of house keys or car keys …

Magnetic Hide a spare key holder case Sticks to Car. Magnetic key case holder. 1 New Magnetic Key Case Holder. Very strong magnetic in the back. If we find the item is defective, we will attempt to re… FOUR Jumbo Magnetic Key holder car spare hider hidden

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Magnetic hide-a-keys are fairly common, meaning they’re not exactly the most secure hiding spot for a spare key. However, if you’re not at home, that means your spare key isn’t either.

Feb 11, 2013  · Well since my last post was on how to open your car using only a hanger and a stick (hammer). I thought I should spend some time showing my few readers out there different ways to hide a spare key on your car.

Hide it on Your Car. If you have a car, then most of the time you should have access to your vehicle when you are outside of your house. A great place to hide a spare key is behind your license plate.

How To Make A "Car Hero" Key Box Always take your keys with you after you park your vehicle. » Remove or hide your garage remote when you leave your vehicle unattended. » Set your car alarm every time you park your vehicle. » Do not …

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