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How Much Does A Limo Cost To Rent

In fact, I think people getting married should drop these things to save on costs. Of course … Lol I’m kidding but you get my point man, instead of that limo, have your mates do the driving job afte…

With prom season in full swing and gas prices rising by the day, can the prom-going kid still rent … stretch limo is getting a lot of play at $1,195 for seven hours plus tip. “The bigger the car, th…

on the limo from Concord. There will be Lot A for a precious few, but it might take some convincing just to get Raider fans t…

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Limo Rental: A Beginner's Guide Much like making hotel reservations, the difference in price is often directly related to the level of service and experience you will receive. When booking a limo, it is often helpful to have a budget in mind along with an idea of the type of experience you are looking for from your limo service provider.

If you have to rent a limo during a busy day or time of the year, consider renting it for a longer period of time, reducing the hourly cost of the limo, especially for special events like a Wine Tour.

The type of the limo will also drastically impact the cost. Renting a Hummer limo will cost far more than renting a regular stretch limo. You can expect the Lincoln Town Car price to be around $80 an hour with gratuity while a stretch Hummer limo will usually cost more than twice that.

To figure out how much to tip limo drivers, simply add 15–20% of the limo rental cost. limo drivers depend on gratuities to make a living, so even if the service is kinda meh, tip at least 10%. limo drivers depend on gratuities to make a living, so even if the service is kinda meh, tip at least 10%.

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If you opt for a short-term lease, carefully read the contract to determine when you must return the limo, how much the lease costs … to do so under the lease. For the most protection for your busin…

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