By - Jim Berry

How To Make Your Car Look Cool

Aug 09, 2016  · In this video we will be making the car seats look COOL for $20 !?! To make the seats look cool we will be using and installing cheap black, Gray, White and Red Seat Covers.

We’ve advanced or car game, and you should too. Time to stop being a customer and starting getting it custom. Click through to see 10 Cool Ways To Customize Your Car .

To be quite honest (other than all of the classic clichés that make people excited about moving … hot situation—both on the …

Aug 05, 2016  · In this video will be making the car wheels look COOL for $10 !?! To make the wheels look cool we will be using and installing cheap black and silver hubcaps.

What Makes A Car Fast Maintenance Of A Car It pays to get things done, especially if you do them yourself. learning home repair and car maintenance skills can be cost-s… Winterize your car before you head out on the road! If you plan on driving in extremely cold and harsh conditions, check out … edmunds car maintenance section provides all the information you need
How To Extend The Life Of Your Car Oct 21, 2016  · Minor damage on your car can have detrimental results in the long term. repair those minor issues that creep up to extend the life of your car. Step 1: Touch up scratches in your paint. Scratches on metal body parts will rust eventually. Use touch up paint to fill in scratches to prevent premature rust. step 2:

A timeless hot rod is one that defies trends since it relies on traditional elements to make a statement. It’s one that can d…

STEPS TO MAKE YOUR CAR LOOK AMAZING It was fully wrapped, from rooftop to tire, in Reese’s logos — it was a real candy wrapper car wrap, as one might say. Each o…

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