By - Jim Berry

Successfully Getting Out Of A Snooker

In snooker if a player fouls the opponent can request that the player attempts the shot again indefinitely until they don’t foul. For a player the play exactly the same shot and foul in exactly the same way is incredibly unlikely to happen.

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Aug 17, 2012  · Best Answer: To be "snookered" in pool jargon means that your cue ball is blocked from being able to directly hit your object ball. To successfully hit your ball, you will either have to jump over the obstruction or more often, hit one or more cushions first with the cue ball and then contact your object ball.

Top Free Pool Games top billiards players Of All Time A casual game known for its ubiquitous presence in bars and pubs (even coining the name pool hall), billiards is a catchall term for the tabletop game played that requires pool sticks (or cues) to hit hard balls into one of six pockets. But most of all, a good sports movie makes you care.

8 Ball Pool - How To Get Out Of SNOOKER??? | ALL IN 80 MILLION GAMEPLAY Aug 27, 2012  · Best Answer: A snooker is having the cue ball hidden or blocked by the opponents ball without a clear shot at any of his balls. To successfully get out you have to spin, Masse or bank the cue into hitting his ball, he doesn’t have to make it ,just hit it.

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